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One of the requirements was to pass a single score as an int value to a results form. I was looking for ways to do this and stumbled across objects. Having never used an object before I settled for this solution and…

Call your first GET request in .NET C# using parameters, header values, and map-to models in your application:

APIs are the unsung heroes of our connected world. Simply put an Application Programming Interface (API) is the messenger which accepts a request and soon after the same API returns a response back to you.

They have their own use cases. One example may be that you want to explore new recipes. You could, in theory, build up your own lists and save them to your very own database… or you could use an API which in turn can aggregate millions of recipes from different sources into one single source of truth. In turn that would allow you to sift…

Critical advice on how, when, and why you should be peer-reviewing work:

PR review

You can tell someone you’re valuable or you can show them. We must protect our source code from bugs. One of the first lines of defense we have as developers are our code review processes. Why then do developers hesitate to review code?

Let me then take you on a deep dive into the anatomy of a pull request, breaking down not just how to review a pull request but also teaching how to fit them into your crowded schedule. There are so many advantages to reviewing work and it’s rare to come across developers with the real know-how.

Why should I review them?

If you provide a useful service, why limit who can receive it?

If you’re building an app, it’s not enough that you’re the only one that can use it. We have to be open to making our apps accessible to anyone regardless of how they interact with their device. This could be developing for a multitude of screen sizes, filling in that contentDescription that your ImageView demands or even considering the colour palette you’re using in your app.

Now from a realist’s perspective, it’s not just a moral obligation to be inclusive of all but also a fantastic business opportunity. The purple pound for our industry is worth 17.1b pounds. That’s the…

I recently came across a situation where I wanted to show some images in my app. Finding the solution was difficult as there are a lot of opinions online for best practice. As we progress things get outdated and deprecated. So what, right now as of 29/04/2021 works for me is the following:

Saving Bitmaps

Ensure that each file you want to save has a unique name. I have a function in my that appends a string date and time value to ensure this.

Let’s actually save the file now and discuss what is happening in the code. Our aim…

I was so surprised when I first was promoted to trainee barista, a number of years ago, to find in my research that coffee beans from different parts of the world have unique flavour profiles! Not only that but within each part of the world for example in Costa Rica there are many coffee farms that produce coffee at different altitudes which in turn affect the flavour and characteristics of coffee as well.

Suddenly I realised just like honey, that coffee taste can be affected by a multitude of different factors and we, the consumer can train ourselves to enjoy…

So… I hear you, why why why are you building one when you can get one at a reasonable price? 💭 Well, the challenge but also the practical use of a few spare drives and a heavy passion for photography, not only that but since lockdown started the price of those things has skyrocketed to the point that buying the equipment to do this yourself is a lot easier and more maintainable.

So, let's create our VERY own!

Wait, Dan… What prerequisites do I need? Let me tell you:

  • 1 Mouse, Keyboard & Monitor
  • 1 Spare Hard Disk Drive (HDD)…

Daniel Wilkinson

Daniel Wilkinson is my name and Software Engineering is my game. I'm also a coffee Enthusiast but I couldn't find a way to make that rhyme. 😂

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